Lost Data

Since I connect my Blog account to my google account I lost data. It´s probably couz I looked at my google account thinking "what the fuck, why are all my ugly, oldschool pic´s are visible." mmm...so I delay therm and of cause I also delay them on my blog account..stupid, I know, now. I I try to restore them, but some are lost forever :( too said. Here is one of my old posts I could restore, enjoy:

How to make a nice boardwalk in 3D.
(using a model/sculpting & texturing tool)

!!! Find good references!!!

 > make a Base mesh

> focus on the main silhouette

> make the UV´s (can be useful later on)

> divide the the Base mesh that the quads have circa the        same size

!!!         it´s imported for the sculpting progress       !!!
 if you use mudbox or a lower version of zbrush (not R6 couz there for u can use dynamesh)

> Import the Base mesh to a sculpting program
  (my weapon of choice is ZBrush)

> make the polygroups based on the UV´s

> start sculpting the single parts

> export the highpoly

> export a lower version, where the silhouette of the    boardwalk still visible (Sub 2 or 3)

> make a Retopo of the Sub mesh

> export the lowpoly

( low poly and high poly should have the same position in the your preferred tool )

> make UV´s

> bake the high poly on the lowpoly
 (xnormal can be a useful tool for that)

> find a color schema 

> start texturing

> make final render